cc 2019 mahe dewan


    Dec' 18 - Now /

    / VR Programmer/Designer /

    / At Schuco's Virtual Construction Lab, I worked on all of their cutting-edge tech projects, leading and managing the Schuco Virtual Showroom, a virtual reality experience that upgraded a physical showroom in every way.

    My role on the team was to continue development where the previous developer left off and finish current milestones. This included going through a lot of un-commented code and blueprints and re-organizing everything as well as learning previous workflows very quickly to meet goals. This also included a lot of environmental design and lighting design.

    I also:

    - developed an internal training simulator for fabrication of facades

    - made interactions for manipulating geometry in real time

    - continued proprietary mechanics (such as opening and closing windows)

    - creating a custom navigation system, waypoint finder, and minimap

    - added and configured countless optimizations for desktop VR

    - created a workflow and taught it to the rest of the team to streamline asset management and reduce the amount of time optimizing afterwards

    - presented and demoed the product at trade shows and company presentations

    - researched new approaches in cutting edge technology and ate wrote up reports for analysis

    - skill shared with the team to keep an open workflow

    - took ownership of the project I was leading and took responsibility when it faced hindrances

    Experiments at Schuco:

    ^^ highly volatile material instances to replace meshes

    ^^ creating water materials and designing environments based on references

    ^^ custom real time post processing

    Ask me more about this!