cc 2019 mahe dewan


    Mar' 18 - Nov' 18 /

    / Lead VR Developer/Designer /

    / Working directly under Alexia Kyriokopolous as creative director, I lead design and development for this VR narrative called Sygnomi. The project dealt with a careful and cautious story about interpersonal abuse that can happen in relationships so my job required me to create an immersive environment and seamless interaction without distracting from the serious story. I designed the environment, bought assets, created and baked the lighting, and created an on-rails experience with interact-able objects in this project.

    I also created a system in Unreal Engine to use green screen footage in real time (see below) or in pre-recorded settings. This included shooting the actors with green screen, getting a proper lighting that would match the virtual environment, and process and edit video with sound.

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